Ward & Probst, Inc. offers full restoration services for grand and vertical pianos, player pianos, reed or pump organs, and electronic organs. Keyboard restoration is a complex process which requires dedication, attention to detail and passionate crafts manship. Many believe that properly restored vintage pianos and organs are equal or superior to new instruments. Our goal is to restore vintage instruments to the point where they play and sound at their maximum potential. High quality finish work guarantees owners a visual work of art for their homes and studios. Please check the links below for pages with photos of some of the instruments we have restored for the Texoma area and beyond.

Mission 1942 Baldwin Grand 1923 Knabe Grand Everett Grand
Steinway D Grands 1919 Operator Player Piano/Organ 1906 US Reed Organ 1949 Ivers & Pond Console
1911 Baldwin 7 Foot Grand 1976 Steinway F Studio 1923 Steinway M GrandEverett Concert Grand
1936 Story and Clark Spinet 1926 Story and Clark Player 1902 Crown Upright Upright Teardown

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