Everett Concert Grand

Everett made many quality pianos but this action is from the only concert grand we have seen.

The key tops were pyralin and so wavy as to prohibit key leveling.

The previous rebuilder also only replaced the top two sections of treble hammers.

The poor tenor hammers, which get a lot of wear in a church sanctuary, are worn to the under felt.

The front rail and balance rail pins were removed as previous technicians had nicked and scarred them beyond redemption.

This gave us an opportunity to clean the key frame thoroughly.

The capstans cleaned up well.

Note the original condition on the right side of the photo.

Cleaning the back check wires before installing new back checks.

We actually would have preferred new wires but these were abnormally large wires very stoutly planted!

Looking from bass to treble, the old hammers are in the bass(not for long!), the new from the tenor on up.

Here is a comparison of old, flattened, graphite impregnated shank knuckles with new parts.

Despite our best efforts, enough graphite remained on top of the repetition levers to stain the new knuckles.

Installing newly hung hammers and shanks.

Fitting recovered keys on the key frame.

With new bushings, key pins, frame felt and key tops, there will be some regulation to do in the shop before the action is delivered.

New hammers for old?

Off to the church to install, regulate and voice!

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