Ward & Probst, Inc. offers full restoration services for grand and vertical pianos, player pianos, reed or pump organs, and electronic organs. Keyboard restoration is a complex process which requires dedication, attention to detail and passionate crafts manship. Many believe that properly restored vintage pianos and organs are equal or superior to new instruments.

Our goal is to restore vintage instruments to the point where they play and sound at their maximum potential. High quality finish work guarantees owners a visual work of art for their homes and studios. Please check the links below for pages with photos of some of the instruments we have restored for the Texoma area and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of Ward & Probst, Inc. is to provide the finest quality piano and organ service and restoration available anywhere in the world.

We will use the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship to restore and maintain your treasured musical instrument, now and for future generations.

Our inspiration comes from the "Golden Age" of piano-building (approximately from 1890 - 1930) and our commitment is to strive to recreate the beautiful sounds and music of those historic instruments, today and for the future.

In these days of "disposable" items, our mission is to carry on the proud legacy of American piano craftsmanship and to restore as many of these instruments as we can.

We also continue to repair and restore fine reed, pump, electic and electronic organs for churches, theaters and individuals: "Saving the world, one instrument at a time!"

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